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CUI@IUI: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges in Intelligent Conversational User Interface Interactions

Workshop at the 2021 ACM Intelligent User Interface (IUI) Conference

Call for Papers

Submission Information

In this workshop we aim to identify key challenges in intelligent conversational interface research and address critical theoretical and methodological obstacles. This may be addressed through a number of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • How we can develop established theoretical and methodological approaches for designing and understanding CUI interactions, and how these can be built on theory from existing disciplines
  • Measuring the impact of interface design on user behaviour and/or perceptions
  • Application of existing methodologies to the novel evaluation of CUIs outside the lab environment (e.g., ethnography, phenomenology, participatory action research)
  • Understanding the role and impact of system personalisation
  • Ethical issues and challenges around the design and widespread use of AI supportedCUIs in everyday life (i.e., Transparency, Privacy, etc.)
  • Addressing existing CUI and VUI usability issues that limit accessibility to both general and underrepresented populations (older adults, users with vision/mobility impairments, etc.)
  • How CUIs can and should operate in domain-specific contexts (e.g. healthcare & wellbeing; automotive interfaces; education)
  • Innovative AI and machine learning (ML) technologies and methods in areas such as dialog management, speech summarisation or error recovery for CUIs
  • Designing CUIs for multiparty collaboration

Position/Provocation Papers

We invite researchers from academia and industry practitioners to submit position or provocation papers, 3-6 pages in length (including references). Papers should be submitted using the ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstract Template (Word/LaTeX). The work can address the topics outlined above or any other pertinent issues related to intelligent conversational user interfaces that authors feel should be addressed by the community. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their work at the workshop (approx 5 min presentation).

Position Statements

We also invite the submission of one-page position statements for participants who wish to join without submitting a paper. Past experience suggests this is an appealing option for industry based researchers.

Submissions should be emailed to Philip Doyle by January 14th, 2021 (11:59 PM, Anywhere on Earth)

We will prioritise papers that are grounded in established theory, address novel methodological approaches and/or fundamental shifts in the current human-machine dialogue interaction paradigm. We hope to receive papers on a diverse range of topics that highlight the diverse range of disciplines and approaches engaged in this area of research. The event will be open and accessible to anyone interested in CUIs and IUIs.

All attendees must register for at least one day of the conference (details will be found here soon). At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop.


We will host all accepted papers on our website prior to the workshop (unless an author wishes for this not to happen).